Avoid data breach with VPN


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A prohibition against saying or declaring something was first defined by Google after deciding to declare that they have been involved in a data breach compromising their company’s security and privacy. They said the data breach happened on Gmail who was suspected to be hacked by hackers in China. The said action of Google I admitting their data breach is a big risk.

However, their action was quite praised because they have practiced openness and transparency. On the other hand, not all companies are fortunate enough to declare their data breach like what happened after Burger King. Their official twitter account was hacked and their display picture and other information were changed into Mcdonald’s.

Why do companies hide their data breach?

Every company is protecting their name and good reputation, and admitting a certain data breach would not be a great way to maintain it. Admitting a certain data breach will put a certain company’s PR, financial status and reputation in jeopardy. That is why a lot of companies do their best in hiding their date breach and keeping it away from the attention of the public.

These series of data breach and hacking of large companies are very alarming. It makes ordinary people think that if big companies like Google and Burger King are being hacked, there is a huge possibility that they can be hacked too.

How can I protect myself from a data breach?

Data breach is considered to be very threatening and alarming. Good thing there is a way to prevent this from happening and ensure the maintenance of our online security and privacy, and that is through the use of a Virtual Private Network. A VPN connection will help us in achieving a totally secure and private web surfing without any interference of a third party that can be a possible hacker or cyber criminal.

This is made possible by VPN by encrypting all the data that we use online makes impossible for hackers to access it. Also, a VPN connection makes sure that we are able to surf the web anonymously by changing our IP addresses temporarily while keeping our true IP address and identity safe and secure.

The various data breach that is happening now to big companies is very threatening. This also, in a way, put or individual online privacy at risk. That is why it is very ideal to have a VPN connection. When choosing your VPN, we suggest that you go with HideMyAss (HMA) — It’s guaranteed to be fast and reliable.