The Way to Stay Away From Dangerous Smart Phone Apps


The Way To Stay Away From Dangerous Smart Phone Apps The Way to Stay Away From Dangerous Smart Phone Apps

2012 was the year when smart phone sales exceeded PC sales world-wide and you must have heard the talks about the vulnerability of Android OS, the OS on which a huge majority of smart phones run on, to hacking. The vulnerability is not as much caused by the OS but rather dangerous mobile apps which users are willingly installing into their system. You might be shocked to hear that some of the apps you are likely to trust like those from Google Play Store have been flagged by experts as potential pathways of attacks.

How highly downloaded apps turn into security threats

A good illustration for this point is a popular app called Swiftkey- one that many Android users are familiar with. It is likely that you have this keyboard app on your phone as you read this. Many people love Swiftkey and do not realize that the app has off-late been an entry path for hackers. The app has the ability to carry malicious Trojan inside it and the user has no way of discovering that.

An Irish software developer recently demonstrated through the use of Android tool apktool and Java coding just how a malicious developer can take advantage of this Swiftkey app to steal data from phone users. The developer named Georgie Casey made a version of the app with a keylogger such that everything that was typed into the keyboard was sent to his server; he therefore could potentially see log in passwords, browsing site preferences, PINs and texts among other details. How scary is that, huh?

Dangerous smart phone apps are not restricted to Android

Do not for a second think that Android is the only affected OS just because it is easy to write apps for the OS. Jail broken iPhone accept third party apps too. Windows mobile is also susceptible to these freely downloadable apps. As long as your phone allows you to install apps, you are game for hackers with deviously camouflaged apps.

Google Play Store Apps not safe either

The notion floating around is that since Google Play app store is popular and affiliated with the biggest online company, apps found there are safe. Well, that couldn’t be any further from reality. A recent study showed that over 30% of the apps there are high-risk.

As a matter of fact, apps from the Google Play store pose the same danger to users like apps developed by third party developers (freelance developers). Your credit card info, shopping preferences, ATM PINs and other details can potentially be relayed to another person by a dangerous smart phone apps from any place, therefore.

How do you protect yourself from dangerous mobile apps?

The question begs, do you discard your online activities on your smart phone in order to stay safe from vulnerabilities caused by dangerous mobile apps or what do you do? Well, you could do that but then it wouldn’t make sense because you bought a smart phone for internet browsing among other uses. And you need your apps.

What you need to do in order to enjoy your apps without compromising your security is get a Virtual Private Network subscription for your smart device asap. A good VPN connection will encrypt data to and from your phone, shut down dangerous smart phone apps before they allow an attack or in the middle of an attack and conceal your real IP address.

A provider like HideMyAss pro VPN has a feature that shuts down harmful apps if you go online without being connected to the VPN. This feature only allows you to use these vulnerable apps when the VPN connection is live-this means that you only get to use these insecure apps when there is ample security cover from the VPN connection.

To stay safe and avoid exposure to hackers by dangerous mobile apps, get a VPN subscription from a top vpn provider. Enjoy your safe app now that you know about VPN.