Cyber Security in Healthcare at Great Risk and in Need of Extra Attention


An intelligent report came as an additional cry for concern when it comes to healthcare websites and the problems they deal with on a daily basis. It seems that the security of such websites is not their strongest aspect and therefore there are continuous breaches and flaws that need to be taken care of. To be more precise, 2014 Worldwide Threat Assessment by the US Intelligence Community has stressed out the presence and importance of such vulnerabilities. Consequently, there is the need of working harder for healthcare to be made much more efficient and risk-free on the Internet.

Sixteen different agencies have joined forces and contributed, in order for the assessment to be brought to light. So, the results are exceptionally disturbing and action needs to be taken immediately. Healthcare has been structured in a way that depends on technology and the web to a huge extent. Meehan, who is the person responsible for outlining and dealing with problems in cyber security, has pointed out that Obama himself needs to offer straight to the point solutions against such vulnerabilities and threats. Especially when is up and running and with the threats multiplying, this can be direct compromise of the personal data and thus the US Government needs to be prompt and effective against such actions.

It is in fact the first time healthcare cyber security has been put at stake and this is truly alarming to acknowledge. It is left for all of us to see how this turns out, particularly in such a sensitive sector of the US society.