Cyber Security Firm Revealing the Terror


Hold Security LLC is a security firm that can pride in being highly effective towards grabbing hold of personal information. Last year they are the ones that had brought to light the exposure of millions of credentials from Adobe Systems Inc. Nowadays, there is the dreadful acknowledgement that over 360 million different credentials have been compromised and they are sold on black market. If you cannot really understand why there is such interest in getting hands on such crucial information, you can take a moment to think of the importance of using such personal details of yours, related to your bank accounts or your email accounts and so on.

Alex Holden, who is the Chief Information Security Officer of the company, has made this recent revelation and has shaken the already troubled waters of online security. He has stated that there is great danger of the list being even larger and he stressed the idea that not all companies that have been hacked are now aware of such an incident. They will be notified, as soon as third parties notify them. The truth is that there are various third party IT experts working on such projects, identifying the breaches in security. This is why the chances are that they are the ones that will verify such a breach when it happens.

As it has been proven time after time in the past, taking advantage of stolen credentials can be proven to be far more lethal than actually gaining access to credit card information. This is truly shocking to hear and realize, as there are numerous threats deriving from the use of such compromised credentials. So, in light of the recent events and in avoidance of even more substantial damage than it has already been done, it makes total sense why VPN is considered such a treasure!