Cyber Security Act, CISPA is Back in the US Congress


CISPA Cyber Security Act, CISPA is Back in the US Congress

The citizens of United States became alarmed again as the news broke that the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) has found its way turn back in the US congress February 2013 – after only 10 months after the said cyber security act was rejected by the senate.

The said cyber security act will give power to government, private firms and companies to get access to various data and information freely and without any discretion. The said feature of the cyber security act will entertain the concept of “cyber information intrusion”.

What’s even worse with the said act is that, under the CISPA, various information and other privacy that are being shared by certain companies will not be outlawed like other privacy offenses, they just have to ensure that they will get the said information for a valid legal reason. This feature in a way, is not favorable for some web surfers because they wouldn’t be able to know what private information regarding them has been shared.

Aside from this, they will not be able to monitor to whom the information was shared. In other words, the ordinary citizens have no right to protect and secure the privacy of their personal information. The said “come – back “of the cyber security act in the US congress has generated a lot of buzz. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have already sent an anti – CISPA petition collecting 300,000 signatures.

This cyber security act will pose a huge threat to the citizens of the USA. However, this act can be bypassed through the use of a Virtual Private Network. Using a VPN connection will help you to achieve a secure and private environment while using the internet and will protect all the data and information you have.

Cyber security Act (CISPA), if passed, will be a total violation of the privacy of a lot of citizens; this may also lead to more severe cases of cyber crime. This is why we need to have a VPN connection to ensure the safety of our web browsing. With a VPN connection, we can be certain that we will still be safe online despite of the existing CISPA.