Protect your phone from Cyber Criminals!


Protect Your Mobiles Phone From Cyber Criminals Protect your phone from Cyber Criminals!

Nowadays, the use of android and smart phones has been widely over- rated. Because of its operating system, a lot of people became so interested by many phone users because of its features. Unfortunately, android phones also attracted cyber criminals and hackers to use different security hacking features that will give them an access to hack personal and other vital information that is found in your android phone units. Scary, isn’t it? Good thing there are mobile security applications that surely help your absolutely secure. And of the best mobile security applications in town would probably be the lookout Mobile Security.

Lookout Mobile Security has a designed special feature that will help you track any I Phone or smart phone that has either been stolen or just lost. This is made possible because of the pin – point locator feature offered by the said application.

Aside from this, Lookout also has a built – in, dynamic anti- virus feature that will notify you whenever you have downloaded or encounter any malicious and unsecured application that will be a huge threat for your phone. The Google Play Store had been an avenue of online hackers to attract innocent users to download a certain application that will surely be a threat for their own security. Good thing, there is an existing mobile security application like Lookout that will help us secure the most private contents found in our phone.

The best feature that the Lookout Mobile security has to offer is a feature called “Lock Cam”. This feature works if a certain culprit entered a wrong lock code for 3 consecutive times. This app will not just save you from those threats but will also include features that will help you track your phone. Lookout alerts the device and sends you messages to contact the person that finds your phone who might return it to you.

The “Lock Cam” feature allows your phone to capture a photo of the thief when he/she tries to use your phone but enters three consecutive wrong pins. You can contact the authorities and be able to catch the culprit’s location and his/her photo will be sent to your email. Your phone’s protection can be increased just by buying the Lookout Mobile Security for only $2.99 per month. This premium software allows you to wipe and retrieve contacts and photos up to 1.5 GB.

In 2013, mobile security will still be a hot topic and software like Lookout with the help of a VPN provider is an effective way to protect your device from cyber criminals. Your phone is protected from virus with the help of Lookout while your personal information is kept secured by a VPN provider giving you an increased protection as you access the web via an unsecured internet connection. If you want to select the ideal VPN provider then I’ll suggest you to do with one of these three HideMyAss and feel free to check our latest VPN provider.