Popular VPN Provider CryptoSeal Shutting Down Indefinitely Under Pressure from US Govt


For a few months now we have been witnessing the shutdown of anonymity providers in the US. The anonymity cookie crumbled in the US under the weight of the Snowden NSA spying revelations. The US government is not amused that there are American companies like VPN providers who have the necessary infrastructure to offer anonymity to internet users. New laws have been introduced requiring that a company hands over the cryptic keys of their encryption if asked to do so by authorities.

It is under these conditions that CryptoSeal’s founder Ladar Levinson announced the shutdown. The company simply refused to compromise the privacy of its users, deleting any records that were incidentally produced while it was in operation. CryptoSeal has chosen to shut down rather than sell out, which is very commendable considering the fact that people will lose jobs and income over the closure.

There are many companies out here which have chosen to quietly cooperate with the government rather than close down. While we are not saying that it is wrong, we realize that cooperation might at times put at jeopardy the freedom and anonymity of users.

It is therefore up to the individual internet user to take steps to avoid this kind of violation. While CryptoSeal has closed shop indefinitely, there are other providers out here who have the capacity to safe guard your online privacy and anonymity. These companies include trusted providers like HideMyAss VPN (HMA review).

And you are not looking for privacy and anonymity because you are a criminal; you simply want to be safe and dignified.