Cryptocloud Review – The Path Towards Limitless Boundaries


CpWz 027 Cryptocloud Review   The Path Towards Limitless Boundaries

Internet censorship is defined as the control of information that can be accessed online as initiated by governments, private organizations, and individuals for moral, religious or personal reasons. This has been a serious topic and people as well as different groups are expressing their opinions regarding this matter.

Cryptocloud review shows that, it’s a VPN service provider that was developed in 2010, serves as a tunnel towards online censorship. Like other VPN providers, Cryptocloud offers security and privacy to internet users as they access the information they need. But just how well does Cryptocloud compete with other VPN service providers? Find out in this product review.
Inside the Cloud

Cryptocloud provides VPN service through various servers located in countries such as UK, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Japan and US. It can support OpenVPN protocol as well as PPTP (Point-to-Point-Tunneling) Protocol. It supports various operating systems including Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X and Linux and platform devices like Android phones, iPad and iPhone.

One of the distinguishing features of Cryptocloud is that it operates without a client, therefore relying on the device’s operating system tools. Although this would entail manual setup, the user need not worry as Cryptocloud’s website contains detailed instructions on how to install the software. When it comes to connectivity, this VPN provider offers relatively fast speed depending on the location of the server. The bandwidth, as well as free switching to any of the servers around the world is unlimited.

Cryptocloud also gives clients a number of payment packages to choose from: a one-month plan costs $19.95; a three-month plan costs $49.95; a six-month plan costs $99.95; and a 12-month plan (1 year) is worth $179.95. The pricing plan is modeled into the sliding scale pricing, which means that as you choose to subscribe longer, the lower the price gets.

Cryptocloud Review: The Verdict

These features of Cryptocloud may sound really good and all with its quality service and state-of-the-art security online, but when you compare its services to a whole lot of other VPN providers in the market, you realize that what it offers isn’t that striking. Twenty dollars a month for a VPN service with a just handful of servers around the world is quite a lot for most netizens who live and breathe virtually on the internet. With that, we conclude that this product is not recommended. For now.

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