SwissVPN Review


swissvpn1 SwissVPN Review

Just as the name suggests, SwissVPN originates from Switzerland and it’s a Virtual Private Network that allows its users to surf the internet under the safety of Switzerland for purposes of protecting the privacy and anonymity of the users. They offer point to point and open VPN protocols with the idea of making users use an encrypted VPN tunnel which is based in Zurich.

Swiss VPN originates from its mother company Mozon Networks AG which is a big telecommunications company widely known as the fastest and most reliable ISPs. SwissVPN offers well priced packages, stable connections and most important it’s friendly for use by users. Outlined below in our comprehensive SwissVPN Review are the details for SwissVPN.

Speed Test

Research is still ongoing for purposes of updating this section.

Pricing and Packages

SwissVPN has one of the cheapest services that costs to $5 subscription per month. However, a $7 monthly subscription is available incase you need an added security of a packet firewall filtering. More important is the fact that they offer a one day trial of their services for as low as $0.60.

Client Setup and Usage

All major OSes such as Windows, Mac OSX and Linux as well as the iPhone are supported devices by SwissVPN. Moreover, there is no need for installing the software therefore setting up their VPN takes as few minutes as three.

Supported countries

SwissVPN, unlike other countries like Iran and China has lax policies towards the use of internet services. However, you can only access the services in Switzerland only which is an added advantage when viewed in terms of protective measures accrued.

Supported protocols

The protocols supported by SwissVPN are OpenVPN and PPTP only.


Based on the view that SwissVPN is only accessible in Switzerland, it poses a threat to the wider market that cannot access their services far from that country. However, its low prices, stable speeds, prompt email support and their easy set up are far much better than the wider market competition. But when compared with the top VPN providers in market, SwissVPN is far below — so instead of going with it straight away, it’s well worth to compare best VPN providers and pick the very best.

Encountered Errors

An error such as ‘Error 619’ is one of the most frequently reported which arises especially when the user’s router or firewall blocks GRE/PPTP packets. The best recommended solution to such a problem is for the user to adjust the router’s settings. They could also change to another or use OpenVPN protocol.


Based on our unbiased and through research, and comprehensive SwissVPN review: This OpenVPN service provider is recommended as it offers the cheapest one day trial version for less than a dollar and generally it’s the cheapest in provision of their services. But if you’re willing to pay little extra charges, you should better go with a top VPN provider, ideally HideMyAss.