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Cactus VPN Review CactusVPN Review   The School of Encryption

CactusVPN is one of the newer companies in the virtual private network spaces. Set-up in early 2012 the Cactus VPN team has just entered the private web-browsing market and are offering safe and private browsing to their subscribers. Since Cactus VPN is new to the market the team are out to prove themselves and we feel they are certainly making a good go of it. We were particularly impressed with their pricing policy. Cactus has built a clever pricing strategy that allows users to browse the web anonymously for a relatively low-cost.

One of our favorite things about the CactusVPN review is that they offer access to P2P traffic; a rarity in the VPN market. The speed of the service was particularly impressive, most VPN providers struggle to stream online videos without requiring buffering. We checked this during our CactusVPN review and had no issues at all.

CactusVPN also offers a free 24 hour trial period so you don’t have to pay for you first days browsing and can try out Cactus VPN risk free. Also offered is an impressive 30 day money-back guarantee so if you are unhappy for any reason you can always cancel your subscription. We tried to find something to be unhappy about but really couldn’t.

Installing Setting Up Cactus VPN On Your System

Installing and using Cactus VPN couldn’t be easier. We were particularly impressed with the design of the interface that does the simple things well and is very easy to use. Launching late has definitely been a competitive advantage for CactusVPN, the have learned from the mistakes of others and fixed many of them. This is particularly obvious in the way their user interface works.

CactusVPN Configration CactusVPN Review   The School of Encryption

Like all other VPN service providers CactusVPN’s offerinf includes PPTP, SSTP, L2Tp/IPSec and Open VPN security protocols. Unfortunately CactsVPN’s platform is only available for Windows, not Mac OS, IOS or mobile devices. Most disappointing is the lack of a Linux version.

One of the best features of CactusVPN though is that you can login from the CactusVPN page. This page allows you to use VPN without an installed application. This is useful not just for cross-platform usage, but using VPN without an application allows you to connect without taking up too much computer usage.

It’s simple to get started as well just sign up with CactusVPN just go to their website and register and away you go. You can either download the software and login through there or you can login online and start browsing the web anonymously straight away! The software itself is not complex at all once you download and install it . you will see your options for connecting to the Virtual Private network. Of course you can also configure your LAN with your login details so that you are running the VPN through your modem all the time.

Cost Of CactusVPN Subscription Packages

Cactus VPN excels when it comes to pricing, we are particularly impressed with the range of features they offer for the relatively low price of $4.99. Cactus VPN’s service offers nearly twice the features of the competition and their pricing is very low when compared with the competition. The pricing is incredibly competitive and is sure to make CactusVPN a major player in the anonymous browsing market for years to come.

CactusVPN Prices CactusVPN Review   The School of Encryption

The issue some users have with CactusVPN is that for the $4.99 package you can only access servers in the United states, United Kingdom and the Netherlands, this is a little limited but is probably enough for most users of VPN. The P2P issue is not really important since as long as you have one private server location for P2P that is all you need. We tried the server to download a few files P2P and the speed was very good.

CactusVPN offers the full free 24 hours without a credit card, which is impressive since most companies take your card and bill you automatically if you don’t cancel, as opposed to giving you a second chance to sign up. The 30 day money back guarantee is very good as well since most companies only offer 7 days to change your mind.

They do have a link exchange strategy where they will give you a free account for posting a CactusVPN review on your blog. We were a little disappointed with the payment options but PayPal and Credit cards should be enough for most people. We would still suggest to the crew at Cactus VPN that they add a few payment options to make life easier for themselves and their customers. There are also a good few price breaks for multiple sign ups and ordering your subscription for longer which can make CactusVPN even better value.

Speed Of Anonymous Web Browsing Bandwidth At CactusVPN

A great aspect of our CactusVPN review was how well streaming worked on the service. In many of our other reviews we have faced slow speeds and spend what felt like hours but which was probably a minute or two) looking at a buffering notice. With CactusVPN However, we never once saw “buffering” and that makes us smile!

CactusVPN Speed CactusVPN Review   The School of Encryption

Every piece of streaming media we tried worked perfectly and we didn’t even notice a huge drop-off in speed when we tried P2P connections. We did notice some issues with the Dutch server, and we have heard a few reports of downtime on that server. We haven’t heard of any issues with the UK or US servers and hopefully CactusVPN are aware of the problem and are undertaking to fix it. The unlimited bandwidth and good speed makes CactusVPN great for P2P users.

Number Of Servers Server Locations

It is early days for CactusVPN so their server count is most likely low, we definitely saw some issues with the Dutch set-up. 3 locations is not exactly stellar either, however with the aggressive pricing strategy and hitting the right markets early we think CactusVPN will improve in this area. They really will have to if they want to be successful in the VPN market.

CactusVPN Customer Support Website Information

We weren’t too pleased with the lack of a direct line phone number but CactusVPN responded to our emails quickly, and the people we talked to certainly seemed to know what they are doing. Their site is excellent though, the tutorials were top-notch and easy to navigate and the knowledge database is well updated and answered almost every question we could think of! All in all we found CatusVPN’s customer Support to be friendly very good.

Issues Drawbacks Of CactusVPN

Our CactusVPN review wouldn’t be complete without talking a little bit about the one or two issues we had with the service. Given the price of CactusVPN’s offering these issues are understandable. They are however present and we should mention them. We’ve talked about the number of locations; three is probably enough if all you want to do is watch Netflix in America or BBC iplayer in the UK but for anything else you will be lacking.

Some downtime there

There is no option for a dedicated IP address, which many hard-core users would prefer. They also do not offer SSL security but at $5 a month would you really expect it?

CactusVPN review

Verdict Our CactusVPN review started out by being impressed by the price and we never found anything to make us change our mind. Cactus VPN is great value and will be a great VPN service for most of its potential users.

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You are allowed use it free for 24 hours and then they offer a 30 days money back guarantee. What more do you want?:-)

Your Verdict

So that’s what we think, let us know if you agree or disagree, or think there is anything we missed.

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