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BoxVPN Review Comprehensive Yet Knowledgeable Boxpn Review If you want to have a closer look at what Boxpn can offer you in the field of Virtual Private Networks, then we are able to provide you with a comprehensive yet knowledgeable Boxpn Review that can cover all your questions. So, let us begin by stating that Boxpn was established in Turkey back in 1998 and it has been going from strength to strength ever since. Cakinberk Telecom Ltd can take pride in offering highly competitive services when it comes to web hosting and secured navigation online. Internet can be quite intimidating unless you make use of a safe way to surf at your own pace, without having to worry about hackers and other malicious dangers and Boxpn can guarantee that safe path.

Advantages of Boxpn Can Work Wonders

So, in your question why somebody should go for Boxpn rather than use any other VPN, we hold the answer. First of all, there is thorough protection against all online threats and you do not need to worry any more about being spotted by anyone. On the contrary, anonymity and confidentiality are of paramount importance and can be offered when using Boxpn and 2048bit SSTP VPN. Moving on with our Boxpn Review, another great advantage is that of a plethora of highly acknowledged servers available for use, up to 220Gbit and more than 200 in number. Depending on your specific requirements, you can choose among US, UK and other European and Canadian servers, in order to obtain the IP address that can better cover your needs. map22 Comprehensive Yet Knowledgeable Boxpn Review So, you are able to appear wherever you feel like or you can go for full anonymity at all times. What is more, with Boxpn you have got no restriction whatsoever in the overall bandwidth that you get to use and this is totally something worth mentioning. In addition, with such VPN you will have no difficulty regardless of your actual preference to use Windows, Mac, any tablet or smartphone. For the mobile devices in particular, you can choose PPTP and L2TP, whereas SSTP is also available. We have concluded that such great pros lead to the best combination of simplicity and efficiency.

Cost and Technical Support

The overall cost for registering in such a VPN can be characterized as very affordable. There are discounts as a result of long term commitments towards Boxpn, including the yearly or 6 months subscription. There is a free trial provided to those who request for such an option, but there is really no need to engage in something like that. After boxpn1 Comprehensive Yet Knowledgeable Boxpn Reviewall, there is also guarantee for full refund if you are not satisfied with the services offered to you from Boxpn. What is remarkable is the fact that even after going for a full package including anti-virus options and the highest protection, the price per month did not exceed $3. As for their technical support and customers’ care, they are truly remarkable as well. You can contact a representative of Boxpn any time of day or night you want to. Apart from calling, you can also write down your problem and send it over through their online platform of communication. Finally, for those who do not mind waiting there is also the option of email sending.

Drawbacks regarding Boxpn

Even though in general Boxpn runs smoothly, there are certain things we found a bit disappointing. There is a dilemma as to which protocols you should go for that can lead to frustration. Then, the free trial is somewhat needless as stated above due to the 100% guarantee for full refund of your money.

Bottom Line

This Boxpn Review has resulted in fairly recommending Boxpn for all people who enjoy navigating the web securely and avoiding any dangers online. We are certain that once you have started using Boxpn, you will agree with us as to its effectiveness, its simplicity, its thorough protection and its affordability. Really good VPN!

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