Lowell Police Department Now Using Columbiatech VPN


76574 Lowell Police Department Now Using Columbiatech VPN

Lowell PD is now using mobile VPN from Columbitech when accessing criminal databases in line with directive from the FBI Criminal Justice Info System.

The Lowell PD has taken advantage of the fact that mobile phone technology has become advanced to an extent where smart phones function like small lap tops. With mobile phones like the iPhone, police officers are now able to access computerized dispatched info.

There is software called Public eye, formerly called PolicePad allows officers to safely monitor 911 calls, look up criminal information, monitor social media updates of individuals being monitored. Now, when the Columbiatech VPN is combined with the PublicEye app, an officer is able to go about his business in a secure and private environment.

The unique advantage that Columbiatech VPN offers to the PD includes terminal-to-terminal encryption of wirelessly transferred data, maintaining connection through connectivity glitches, especially when the device is roaming between cellular and wireless networks. The VPN also allows officers the liberty to leave their cars and still stay connected.

With this VPN deal, law enforcement steps up its reach with increased secure connectivity and mobility.

Why to use VPN?

It’s important to note that VPN is not a preserve of law enforcement; it is a paid internet service that anyone who values online security and anonymity. If you are interested in learning more about VPN for individuals or organizations, see our review of reputed VPN providers. If you want a direct recommendation, HMA (HideMyAss review) is a good provider.