Learn How to Watch CMT Outside US


Untitled 2 copy3 Learn How to Watch CMT Outside US

Country Music TV (CMT) is the best site for lovers of Country Music, yet in case you strive to see the videos on the website from outside UNITED STATES you’ll be discouraged. Country Music TV doesn’t permit streaming outside of US; therefore, if you want to watch videos from Country Music TV (CMT) you have to use the tip being explained in this post.

Because of licensing agreements Country Music TV cannot permit streaming of their content to all parts of the globe. Therefore, if you want access a video beyond America you’ll see the following note: “Sorry, we are unable to provide this video to people in your location”, or error notes like this.

The issue is that CMT can identify your location through your IP address. That is a specific number that you get from your ISP and it will show your location. So to be able to stream Country Music TV you require a US IP address.

Have a US IP address to Watch CMT from Anyplace in the World

Altering your genuine IP address to a US one is quite simple. Just connect your device to a VPN that has a server within United States and your device will obtain a US IP address from the linked VPN server.

Its setup is quite simple and you do not require any technical knowledge to command it. Just what you require is an account with a Virtual Private Network provider, which has a server in US. We prefer to use HideMyAss Pro VPN because they’ve excellent prices and speeds, and actually are top three in the VPN industry.

After signing up just install their app on your PC or Mac and then pick a server based in United States and simply connect. You’ll now see the application performing all the hard work linking to the server; and after few seconds you’ll observe a green light showing you’re now linked to the server.

That is all you need to do and now you’ll be able to access the genuine US content on CMT website — and CMT will eventually identify you as being based in United States; thus, you could then view anything you like from the site.

It really is worth saying that, you could make use of this technique to unblock lots of other websites apart from CMT. Every website that uses Geo-blocking will be unblocked, by using this technique. Apart from unblocking websites, a VPN also helps to provide you fully safe and secure surfing online. Therefore, a VPN is an excellent companion for anybody who needs to have a hassle-free Online experience, and for the one who really cares about privacy!

Finally your data connection gets encrypted while using VPN, and that’s the reason why you’ll be a lot more secure and FREE while browsing through Wi-Fi or other connections.