Chinese IP Traced in Cyberattack Targeting Supercomputer in New Zealand


National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research or else NIWA has been under attack and the person (or persons) to blame used a Chinese IP to organize the whole breach. Even though the project was not successful as it turned out in the end, there is great concern as to who is lying beneath the effort to compromise the data on the supercomputer and benefit from its versatile nature and its effective use. IBM is the company that has set up the NIWA website and therefore the professionals of this gigantic company have been trying to figure out what has gone wrong.

This is not the first time when supercomputers have got to compromise or attempted to be hacked, since there have already been numerous different attacks over time. For instance, a member of Harvard community has attempted to mire Dogecoins, being similar to Bitcoins as online virtual currency. There have also been convictions of hackers that have attempted (both successfully and not) to make use of the supercomputers for their optimal gain.

Of course, the acknowledgement that a Chinese IP has been behind the attack is not enough evidence to blame somebody. It is equally possible that somebody has intercepted and used a Chinese IP towards changing the route of the investigations and avoiding arrest. So, it is still a blur whether or not we should worry about anything too serious and whether or not this has been an isolated and single event.

Whatever the truth for this very incident, it goes without even questioning that these times are troubled and full of online threats both for individuals and businesses all over the world. Awareness should be raised without any further delay or second thought!