How to Watch Channel 5 outside UK and Anywhere!


Channel 5 outside UK How to Watch Channel 5 outside UK and Anywhere!

Are you a fan of Channel 5 or else a huge enthusiast of the reality shows of Channel 5 and you want to watch Channel 5 outside UK? Channel 5 is a wonderful British channel broadcasting amazing content both from the local industry and internationally.

It was purchased by RTL and ever since it has been increasing in popularity on a daily basis. Including series such as CSI and Grey’s Anatomy, reality shows such as Celebrity Big Brother 2011 and shows like OK! TV it has gone online and received even greater popularity with its Demand 5 service. However, there is a small bump that you have to know of. Unless you are a resident of the UK, you cannot gain access to Channel 5 or in other words you cannot watch Channel 5 outside UK.

Disappointed now, aren’t you? Well, even though there is an exception for Xbox users to take advantage of a UK Xbox Live Free account and enjoy its content, we do not feel that this is enough for the rest of us wishing to watch such wonderful on demand service. So, what can we do?

How Can I Unblock Channel 5 Anywhere around the Globe?

The answer is pretty simple, as you are about to see. The thing is that you are presented with the frustrating message that you are not authorized to watch Channel 5 from your location due to your current IP address. IP addresses are the unique online representations of where we are located in the world, so we will have to figure out a way to change that.

VPN is the most consistent and safest method used for substituting IP addresses. In order to be able and gain access to a British channel such as that of Channel 5 outside UK, we will need to get a British IP address. This can happen if we connect to the web making use of a UK server. So, this is what we do.

We subscribe to a reputed VPN supplier that includes more than a couple of British servers, we download the application that is necessary for the VPN and we select the server we wish to connect to. The application is most often downloaded automatically for Windows and Mac, but for mobile devices it simply needs some manual configuration on your behalf. However, it is pretty simple and can be made crystal clear by the customers’ care of the VPN provider.

Reliable VPN provider in Current Industry

One amazingly reliable VPN provider that we ought to recommend is that of HideMYAss Pro VPN. It has never failed us during our testing and it can take pride in offering unlimited bandwidth and no lagging at all. These are essential if you aim at watching films and series online, since online streaming requires a great deal of bandwidth.

If we add to the wider picture the acknowledgement that VPN encrypts our data and therefore makes us navigate the web fully protected, it is certainly a win-win deal for us. So, haven’t you read enough? Go on and subscribe to a VPN provider to unblock Channel 5 outside UK among many other wonderful benefits and unblocked websites.