Learn How to Watch Channel 4 Outside UK


Channel 4 Outside UK Learn How to Watch Channel 4 Outside UK

If you are a fan of Channel 4 and its wonderful services, then you know how to appreciate great content coming from various different genres of entertainment.

Channel 4 is a British channel that includes More4 with shows such as the Sopranos, Greek, Happy Ending and Curb Your Enthusiasm, E4 with series including the Desperate Housewives and Skins, Film4 with masterpieces such as Four Weddings and a Funeral and last but not least 4oD. The last service refers to the video on demand feature of this public British channel.

The downside in its services is the fact that it is only available for viewing within the United Kingdom. As a result, whoever wishes to enjoy Channel 4 outside UK is denied access. For instance, if you’re residing outside UK you cannot watch Channel 4 over there. Don’t you feel that justice needs to be served here? We bet you do and this is why we have found a solid solution for you!

VPN to unblock Channel 4 outside UK

Your problem when you try to access Channel 4 outside the UK is that your IP address reveals your exact location in the world. So, every time you try to sneak yourself into watching your favorite shows or series. You meet a huge wall preventing you from doing so.

To watch Channel 4 online what needs to be done is for you to subscribe to a VPN service provider. VPN is able to offer you the opportunity to get a new IP address from any server you want to. Now, since you need to unblock a geographically restricted website in the UK, you will have to make use of a British IP address.

So, after subscribing to the VPN provider and downloading its application according to the detailed instructions given to you, you will need to connect to the web using a British based server. In this way, you can get a UK IP address on the spot. This is it and your problem is solved! Cool, isn’t it?

Which VPN to Choose for Top Performance

Online streaming is definitely in need of a large amount of bandwidth and this is the main reason why you will have to make sure that you get a decent package from a reputed VPN provider. Otherwise, you will end up watching your favorite shows and missing all the fun due to the constant interruptions and delays occurring.

HideMyAss Pro is a wonderful option for you to enjoy, due to its overall value for money and its ability to provide you with top speed and infinite bandwidth. You will be able to bypass the heavy traffic since you can connect to any server of your liking. Similarly to Channel 4, you can unblock the content of Hulu and Netflix, Pandora and BBC iPlayer along with hundreds of other websites and apps.

Moreover, HideMyAss is compatible with Windows, Mac and Androids, iPhones and tablets, iPads and gaming consoles. For mobile devices in particular, there is the need to configure some settings manually whereas there is a simple yet efficient custom app for all the rest. So, go ahead with subscribing to VPN and enjoying videos on Channel 4 without having to worry about your location!