Canadian Credit Card Data Compromised on an Ongoing Basis, as JackPos Malware Proves


Few years ago, keeping cash and performing all your financial transaction could never be considered as the only way to secure that you are safe from harm financially! However, this is what it is turning out to be, after the recent and yet ongoing revelations concerning the data compromise of credit and debit card information. Now, more than 700 credit and debit cards’ info has been intercepted all over Canada and not only due to the Target stores having been hacked a month ago.

The new malware that has been brought to light is called JackPos and, as you can guess, it targets Point of Sale. The security firm IntelCrawler has made this discovery and has estimated that the threats of such financial transactions have yet to be eliminated. So, the question on everyone’s lips is whether or not you ought to go back to cash as your sole alternative for paying something. However, cash is not available at all times and this makes it even more disturbing to realize how vulnerable payments can be through the use of either credit or debit cards.

When comparing the two, debit cards seem to be the most vulnerable ones against hacking and there is the option of getting cash from ATMs without anyone being able to stop the bleeding. So, in case you have got a choice, it is advisable to go ahead with using credit cards instead of debit cards, due to their better control and more immediate reaction from the bank that has issued the card to you. All at once, credit cards often offer cash back policies and other benefits to the card holders and this is like an oasis financially.

Whatever you choose to do though in such an alarming era, you had better think twice before proceeding with any financial transaction, without the proper security layer placed by encryption! There is no room for idle hands and therefore you should be prompt and ready to use VPN for covering your back while being online.