Can your VPN Provider be Trusted?


Can your VPN Provider be Trusted Can your VPN Provider be Trusted?

In the face of NSA legal spying on internet and mobile communication, the question of trust is becoming increasingly important. There is a general feeling of mistrust directed towards big online businesses in regards to the information that they are handing to the government with internet sources alleging that companies like Google and Microsoft are in bed with the government when it comes to matters surveillance.

But that’s not our focus today; today we look at how VPN providers are holding up in these times when the government can serve court orders forcing VPN providers to give information on their users.

If you already have a VPN subscription, the question you need to ask yourself is, can I trust my provider? See, the Patriot Act makes it possible for the government to ask for SSL keys and logs if it decides to. The issue here is whether your provider will comply or not.

The first thing we need to accept is that VPN providers are business people. They do not want to have to close down if they can help it. There are a few providers who opted to close shop in the face of growing government bullying but reality is, many providers will stay in business.

The real dilemma for VPN users like you and us is how we find a provider who can keep our information away from the government in the face of the Patriot Act.

A trustworthy VPN provider does not collect client meta data. This way, even if they are ordered to hand over logs, there would be little to give. A trustworthy VPN provider also needs to have a respectable number of users. See, if you are the only user on a server, it is easy to find out where you are surfing from. A provider with many users like HMA (HideMyAss VPN review) will always have more than 3 users on any server at any given time meaning that it is hard to tell them apart.

A trustworthy VPN provider also needs to have excellent cryptography to support their SSL encryption. This means that cracking the encryption becomes hard.

These are but a few things you need to consider before picking a trustworthy VPN provider for you or your business.