How To Call Free On Skype – US Unlimited Account Using VOIP


Free On Skype How To Call Free On Skype – US Unlimited Account Using VOIP

Skype is a spectacular VOIP program. It provides exceptional video and voice quality for online simple voice calls or video conferencing. And above all, it is cost-free, that means that you are able to call free on Skype. Of course, you can find other cost-free products from well known companies for example Yahoo and Google, but, Skype has established a right note among the customers with their product and therefore it has become a preferred choice for VOIP.

Unluckily, Skype is only free for Skype-to-Skype calls. Just like various other instant messaging programs, Skype performs superbly if both ends have Skype installed in them. Skype programs are available for iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and other mobile devices, which makes it simple for users to install and converse on Skype from anywhere. However if you want to call phone numbers through Skype, you’d need Skype monthly subscriptions or Skype Credits.

Premium Skype Services

As a free VOIP service and possessed by Microsoft Company, Skype requires revenue to uphold the platform independently. The income is mainly obtained by providing certain premium products and services. Most prominent and popular among these services are ‘Skype Subscriptions’ and ‘Skype Credits’. All these services are offered to users who use Skype for making international and local calls or even sending instant messages to cellular devices.

Skype Credit

Skype Credit is a basic concept. Anyone purchase Skype credits in a basic currency and utilize it for making calls as well as send messages to mobile phones. Their call rates differ according to your currency and country.


One can find different subscriptions obtainable for various calling plans, and also the calling rates differ according to the currency and country.

How to Call Free On Skype for Phone Numbers?

Basically sending messages and calling phone numbers only work with Skype credits or subscriptions, because this is the main form of income for Skype. But, you will find occasions where you are able to call free on Skype to some other phone numbers. Skype will occasionally send offers and promos to their existing users providing free calls on Skype for a limited time period. That will generally last for a week or about a month. Besides these promos, you cannot expect to call free on Skype to some other mobile phones.

Although, you are able to call free on Skype by utilizing an unlimited subscription account and it can be utilized for limitless calling to certain countries. Actually, unlimited world calling can also be only obtainable in selected countries like UK and Us.

Different Calling Rates For Different Subscribing Countries

Although Skype is famous and provides some of the lowest calling rates in the market, yet it separates its users regarding nationality and demographics. Users from United States usually get the lowest rate, however callers from Asia, Europe, and other areas of the globe normally pay a premium for the different Skype products. Actually the unlimited subscription accounts to call absolutely free on Skype are blocked in countries like UK and Us.

Initially, the distinction between rates might seem minimal, specifically since the prices are offered in cents per minute or per month. However if you utilize Skype frequently for calls to international or local numbers, the extensive period can rise to higher dollars.

The Way to Use a Virtual Private Network for Cheaper Skype Calling Rates

It’s certainly obvious that a Skype account in the United States is the ideal choice for cheaper calling rates are quite simply, selecting the ‘Unlimited US’ or ‘Unlimited World’ option. However if you’re outside the United States, it is almost impossible to obtain a US based subscription. The Skype servers verify the user IP address to figure out the real physical location of the visitor, prior to allowing them options for selecting a subscription.

Even though you’ll find various base currencies for Skype Credits, you can select the US $ as a base currency, however, the charges will be higher and different for users outside the United States, as well as the lack of a choice to select free calling unlimited account. It is where you require providing a U.s. IP address to the Skype servers to allow you to subscribe for a US account.

To select a US IP address, you’ve various options among choosing a Virtual Private Network, a web or proxy browser add-ons. In our comprehensive testing, we’ve discovered that a VPN provides the ideal results regarding speed, stability and reliability that are why we’ve selected the use of Virtual Private Network for this purpose.

Step.1 – Select a VPN service provider in accordance with your budget and sign up to their Virtual Private Network service.

Step.2 – Choose a U.S IP address and server from the Virtual Private Network service terminal.
Step.3 – Check out the Skype website and input your information. It will be sensible to make a bogus US address with a legitimate ZIP code.
Step.4 – Insert your credit card information and select Skype Credit or subscription. Make payment.
Step.5 – Download the Skype software and you’re all set to use your American based subscription.
Step.6 – Always assures that your Virtual Private Network connection is switched ‘ON’ when linking to the Skype server or when signing in. That is crucial for you to relish the lowest calling rates.

The Anonymity, Cost, Security & Censorship Aspect

Clearly, a Virtual Private Network will cost slightly and you’ll be wondering if the savings of an American based Skype subscription account will probably be justified by utilizing a Virtual Private Network. Initially, a VPN subscription is offered for only $2 per month, as well as you can select a good one for about $4 to $7 a month. When we look at the variation between call rates for UNITED STATES and other areas of the globe, it can make sense to utilize a VPN for significant Skype users.

A few might claim that an infinite subscription package will eliminate this cost variation, because the Virtual Private Network subscription price will counter the savings. However, the issue with this is that these kinds of infinite packages are exclusively offered in certain countries and not every country can opt for the infinite world package to call free of cost on Skype. The user also can acquire the services of a Virtual Private Network to subscribe for multiple Skype accounts.

One more factor of using a Virtual Private Network for Skype is online security and anonymity. In a few countries because of many political factors Skype is blocked and it is sensible to subscribe to a Virtual Private Network for unblocking Skype in these areas. In other regions, hackers and even Government agencies are known to bug on Skype calls to obtain critical information that affects security and privacy. Using a Virtual Private Network will remove this problem by encrypting your internet traffic, therefore, all voice and video data is safely encrypted prior to being passed in via the internet connection.

Obtaining a chance to call free on Skype to exterior phone numbers is very rare. Although the next ideal thing will likely be the cheapest call rates, that can be simply obtained by using a VPN and opting-in for a US based Skype account.