CactusVPN Releases CactusVPN App for Mac Users


Mac users have faced a lot of difficulty when looking for suitable VPN Providers since many providers like CactusVPN simply did not have the app for IOS. But before we look at what CactusVPN has made for the Mac community, here is a little background into Mac users and internet security.

In the past people used to think that IOS devices were safe. Studies reveal that a huge majority of Mac users do not even bother to get an antivirus since they think that their OS is impenetrable to hackers. How wrong!

The past 2 years have seen an unprecedented attack of Mac users by sophisticated hackers. There have been many reported cases of Macs attacked by Trojans and malware, although Apple continues to deny that most of these attacks have happened. In a shockingly brave attack, hackers were able to hack into Macs used by APPLE EMPLOYEES. This attack served as a wakeup call to the huge majority of Mac users who thought that only PC users face the danger of online attacks.

When Mac users realized that they need to get protection, they started to look into avenues that Windows users have been looking into like anti-virus software and of late Virtual Private Networks (VPN). The reason as to why we recommend VPN in addition to anti-virus is that VPN not only protects your identity by assigning you different IP addresses but also allows you access to geo-blocked websites.

CactusVPN CactusVPN Releases CactusVPN App for Mac Users

Now, the sad thing for many Mac users is that there are very few trusted VPN providers with apps for Mac users. But now Mac users have something to smile about. CactusVPN has just released their app for Mac.

With this new app, Mac users will have the following advantages:

Ease of installation

If you can read this, then be sure you can successfully install the new CactusVPN Mac application. But if you feel unsure, the app comes with elaborate installation instructions.

Ease of connection

Now, if you can click, then you can connect with CactusVPN via your new Mac app. The app is straightforward and you only need one click to connect, as long as your internet connection is live.

Variety in available security protocol

CactusVPN provides the Mac user with the option to choose between PPTP, LT2P and Open VPN protocols in the home screen of the app making it very easy to pick the suitable protocol depending on what you are doing online.

Ease in changing between servers

With the new CactusVPN app for Mac, you are easily able to choose between servers in countries and –even more interesting-cities such that you can have an IP address that puts you in NYC for example, even though you are in Europe, for example.

Applications manager

The Mac app for CactusVPN launches and kills apps that can expose you to risk when you disconnect and connect from the VPN. The app actually senses that a particular app may expose your info if you are not connected to a VPN and closes that app, but it gives you the option of re-launching that app. How amazing!

So there you have it. As a Mac user who subscribes to CactusVPN, there is no excuse for being insecure online any more. CactusVPN has come to your rescue.