BTGuard VPN Review – Anonymous BitTorrent or What it really Posses?


BTGuard BTGuard VPN Review   Anonymous BitTorrent or What it really Posses?

A VPN service provider situated in Toronto, Canada named BTGuard VPN has established its strength in attracting the peer –to– peer communities into its fold. With its tagline: “Anonymous BitTorrent services” the company publicly announces that their target customers are the people using BitTorrent for peer–to–peer file sharing.

At first, you might think that BTGuard VPN is a short term for “BitTorrent Guard VPN”. But this is somehow untrue as there is no VPN service provider that is exclusively focused on a certain website or aspect.

This BTGuard VPN Review will let you know that while BTGuard VPN may primarily focus on the service of peer – to – peer file sharing, the company offers other services that are usually offered by other VPN providers. BTGuarrd VPN offers a BitTorrent Proxy that is a great help and convenience to users who are engaged in peer –to-peer file sharing in Vuze and, of course, BitTorrent.

Not all VPN providers are like this because most VPN providers are used to ensuring the safety and privacy of a certain user while surfing in the internet. BTGuard VPN has, in addition to these services that a regular VPN provider will offer, a Proxy that has been proven very cost–effective when it comes to file sharing.

BTGuard VPN Review – Perks of a BTGuard VPN user

  • It is compatible to various security protocols like OpenVPN and PPTP protocols. BTGuard VPN also offers unlimited bandwidth-in some areas-and unlimited speed.
  • BTGuard VPN has a very comprehensive encryption that will ensure the safety and privacy of all BTGuard uses a 256 – bit AES encryption that is very effective in terms of encrypting various forms of data.

Considering the fact that in today’s world there are very many people online, it is no surprise that bad people are also present in the cyber space. For that, we must take extra precaution for our internet security. That is why it is strongly recommended that every internet user gets a VPN connection for total security and privacy.

And when it comes to choosing a VPN service provider, we suggest that you choose BTGuard VPN. It might cost a little more than other VPN service providers, but you are assured of a higher level of security if you use BTGuard VPN. If you are also interested in discovering more about top VPN providers and go with a top VPN.

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