Learn How to Access Pirate Bay on BSkyB


Virgin Media was the first provider to restrict access to the Pirate Bay and currently BSkyB is doing the same exact thing. This development has been brought about by a court order pressuring UK ISPs to block access to the popular torrent website. Luckily, there is a method to bypass the restriction – keep reading for the solution.

The trouble is that BSkyB can simply filter out entry to the website because they are able to see which sites a user is visiting. However, if you link a VPN with your internet connection, the connection gets encrypted and BSkyB can’t restrict your access to the Pirate Bay, simply because they can’t decrypt your traffic. That not only enables you to access the Pirate Bay but as well makes you a lot more protected when utilizing the website. This is because your actual IP address will become unknown when linked to a Virtual Private Network.

Establishing VPN with BSkyB

The actual method of establishing a Virtual Private Network is rapid and quite simple. Just sign up with a Virtual Private Network – we recommend utilizing UK based Hide My Ass.

After signing up, you can install their excellent app and choose an exact location from where you would like to connect. When connected you’ll appear based in the area of your selection and BSkyB is fooled as your internet connection is now protected. This provides a perfect layer of security from hackers and the authorities.

The VPN connection does a lot more than unblocking Pirate Bay only, it also allows you to use websites normally only available for persons in the US like Hulu and Vudu, and furthermore it can fool UK Netflix into providing you material from the American version of Netflix. Just link to a server in the US and you’re all set to go.

Now, as you can observe, the method is fairly uncomplicated and from our point of view a VPN is essential for any person serious about his or her online matters.