Browser Cookies


In our online experiences we see a lot of things. We open sites for information, we play shows, we also purchase some goods. This is all fine and well, but how do companies make our lives easier, together with theirs? The answer is simple – Browser Cookies. You might have heard of cookies a couple of times while you have been browsing, but never really learned what they are. This is why here we will tell a few things about them and how detrimental they could be for your online privacy after all.

Basically, cookies are responsible for gathering information about you. When you visit a website, you will conduct certain behaviors. You might spend a lot of time looking at a product without buying it. You might be searching for certain things, or read through the About Us page of a company. All these things are stored in cookies, which are later sent off to the companies themselves. This is not exactly connected to online privacy because only your interactions with the given portal have been recorded. In many cases, cookies will be used to show you ads connected to your experience online.

There are those, who will tell you that cookies are actually extremely dangerous. This is actually a complete misconception. People think that when you agree for cookies to track you, they will end up scouring your hard drive for any information that might be useful to them. This however is not true and in no way affects your online privacy. The programs, which can go through your hard drive and get your information are malware, and will include various viruses, worms and Trojans. In order to avoid such things coming onto your computer, you will have to stay away from certain sites.

So… you do not like being tracked. What do you do? There are a few different things through which you can increase your online privacy factor and feel safer. First of all, whenever browsing, make sure you delete your cookies. On the other hand, you can go to the options of your preferred browser, and disable tracking cookies completely. That way when a company decides to try and track you, you might elude their grasp. This might have some negative repercussions for you too however. For instance, the service you are trying to get to, might end up being unavailable.

At the end of the day, it all falls down on whether you are capable of protecting yourself properly. You need to learn as much as possible about online privacy and keeping it. There are many methods, which can be employed in order to keep yourself safe. Just make sure you are vigilant when browsing the internet – all the nastiest things hide in plain sight. It is actually rather true that tracking cookies from companies should be the least of your concerns with your government trying to spy on you, along with various threats that have appeared as of lately.