Accessing US Netflix in Brazil – Sizzling News for Brasileiros


Brazil Netflix in US Accessing US Netflix in Brazil   Sizzling News for Brasileiros

Latin American Netflix might have been aiming at covering the hole of the original stuff, but in reality the two versions cannot be compared. So, Brazilians have been left complaining that they miss out on a whole lot of great content unlike the Americans. Of course, Netflix is a wonderful option for home entertainment and it is always a pleasure to access such alternatives online.

Still, getting to enjoy a far less satisfactory version is not to your best interest. With that in mind, everyone who lives in the country wishes to come up with a way, in order to unblock US Netflix in Brazil. For all those people (including expats, students and businessmen having left US, tourists and foreigners who want to taste the good stuff), we have completed this article. Here, you can find out everything you need as to how to unblock Netflix and get your hand in the cookie jar. Stay with us and you will not regret it, we promise!

Essential Contribution of VPN for Your Target

When you visit the website of Netflix, it verifies your physical location and thus it redirects you to the Latin American version. Now, if you want to enjoy US Netflix instead, you ought to conceal your real IP address (given to you automatically by your Internet Service Provider) and get to use another one from the United States. This is where VPN can step in and make a huge difference. It can offer you the chance to connect online via a US based server and consequently enjoy an American IP address. As a result, upon your visit to Netflix, you will be able to access the US version and enjoy all the content you have been craving for. Great!

Apparently, you can unblock a lot more than US Netflix with the same moves. Websites and apps featuring Hulu Plus, Pandora and BBC iPlayer can be accessed when you use the respective server each and every single time. As for your online protection, you can rest assured that your personal info is perfectly secured through data encryption.

How to Choose the Top VPN for Your Task

Obviously, there are a decent number of top VPNs available on planet for you to try out and choose from. If we were to recommend just one, it would indisputably be HideMyAss Pro VPN due to its reliability, variety of servers and great tech support, its affordability and its great overall performance. Among the variables that you need to take into account, we have to point out the unlimited bandwidth (since you target online streaming and it does require a lot of bandwidth), diversity in US based servers, as well as optimum value for money and security protocols supported.

Creating an Account for Netflix in Brazil

Do you have a US Netflix account? Perfect! Do you have a Latin American Netflix account? This will also do just fine! Do you need to create a Netflix account from scratch? Well, you should not break a sweat! Just create one for your local Netflix version, and then you can switch to the US version of Netflix due to your IP switch being made possible by VPN. Still though, what you need to make sure of is that during your registration you have your VPN turned off. In this way, you can enjoy your old Brazilian IP address. As soon as you are done, turn your VPN back on and enjoy Us Netflix! Was not it an easy ride? Enjoy!