What You Should Know If Attempting to Make Bomb Threats from Harvard University


Of course, it goes without even saying that we do not applaud the bomb threats made on behalf of Eldo Kim, a University student in Harvard University. However, if you do feel the urge to do so, you should know better than he did (obviously) since he has been caught and is now facing severe accusations and perhaps imprisonment and grave fines.

What he is accused of doing is bomb threats about two different bombs placed somewhere on campus. If you want to learn more details about what went wrong, then read along.

Well, first of all Eldo used email in order to send out those threats. Just because he was well aware of online anonymity, he used Guerilla Mail, which is meant to keep you anonymous when online. All at once, since he wanted to make sure that was not traced back, he also used a Tor browser. Thumbs up for everything that he has done so far, but he left out something that turned to be catastrophic about him.

In order to do all that, he used the Harvard wi-fi Internet connection. Of course, the Police did not have any difficulty in tracing who was using the web at that time when the threats were sent and at the same time used Tor.

As you can imagine, you should make an example of Eldo next time you want to keep yourself anonymous. When you use VPN, you empower your online anonymity in the smoothest manner possible. What is more, you should keep in mind that Universities, workplaces and schools in general can spot several of your activities, so limit them if you think that this can benefit you.