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Boleh VPN Review BolehVPN Review   Pure Security, Anonymity & Privacy at Stable Expedite

Being based in Malaysia, BolehVPN is a provider that claims to offer great value for money to all of its customers. In order to see whether or not BolehVPN can live up to the task, we have run several tests and we have reached quite a few solid conclusions that can make us proceed with the BolehVPN review.

So, let us have a closer look at some of the things we found to be amazing, satisfactory and on the other hand some of the things we did not like a bit about Boleh.

Amazing stuff about Boleh

Even though as it is stated in their website they are home grown as a company, they include servers worldwide and they are expanding their cycle of work day by day. As for their speed test, it has been proven to be remarkably fast and reliable at all times and they support Open VPN.

Never had we encountered any problem, regardless of using a mobile phone or another device. What is more, the technical support was always right there for us and the people answering our questions were exceptionally knowledgeable, apart from their courteous manners. Finally, they do not keep any logs of their customers, which is a great thing to mention.

Satisfactory stuff about Boleh

The price rates for the subscriptions regarding Boleh are about the average ones on the market. There is a 24 hours free trial and if you want to have more days to test, there’s some sort of a trial subscription for three days and a week, costing 2.00 and 3.70 USD. As for the trials, they include the option of L2TP, even if it is limited to US and UK servers for the time being. The company also offers a conditional 14 days refund.

Client BolehVPN Review   Pure Security, Anonymity & Privacy at Stable Expedite

Most of the details regarding the use of BolehVPN have been above average in general, although nothing has been that eye catching about their company’s webpage. There is no way of contacting the company representatives over the phone, but you’ll observe that this is a common thing among VPN providers.

Disappointing Stuff about Boleh

The option of having a free trial being only 24 hours available can be a bit disappointing for some customers, even if there is a truly affordable option for you to run your tests further via 3 days and 7 days paid trial, and see whether or not it is worth subscribing to BolehVPN.

The money back guarantee’s conditions are somehow disappointment for some users, even though if we take it fairly, it should help the company to reduce the fraudulent refunds and complaints. There’s no refund for the 3 days and a week of trial membership, however packages of a month and above are refundable within the first 14 days of your BolehVPN subscription and after their team inspect and find that your refund request is genuine. The company doesn’t offer a no questions ask refund, as other top vpn providers do – This can be a bit irritating.

Prices BolehVPN Review   Pure Security, Anonymity & Privacy at Stable Expedite

Summarizing the BolehVPN Review

We have found BolehVPN to be quite reliable over the tests that we have run during our BolehVPN review. The speed and the lack of logging problems have been quite surprising in a good way, while the support team has been more than friendly when we called for them.

Even though the web page of Boleh is not so fancy and their condition refund can create doubts in minds of many customers, we would recommend that you try Boleh out and especially if you are up for the UK and US servers that include the use of L2TP.

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