Latest Security News – BitCoin Trader Robbed, Adobe Server Completely Compromised


USD $ 1.2 Million in Bitcoins Stolen

An Australian Bitcoin user going by the name ‘TradeFortress’ has lost 4100 Bitcoins-the equivalent of USD $ 1.2 million-to a hacker. The heist is thought to have been carried out through a sophisticated hack where the user’s encryption keys were accessed.

With those keys, the hackers could access the user’s account freely. TradeFortress, in an interview with Fairfax Media, said that the hack was made possible by a security breach in servers at a Bitcoin depository.

Adobe Server Compromised; 150 Million Accounts Stolen

Adobe now admits that its entire database of users has been compromised. The company came clean last Thursday on the severity of the hack. Now, Adobe has 150 million accounts and ALL of them were accessed. This simply means that if you have an Adobe account, you need to immediately change your username, password and email. If you had any personal or financial information in your adobe account, you might be in for some rough days ahead.

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