Discover the Best VPN for China Here, and Avoid Chinese Censorship


Best VPN for China Discover the Best VPN for China Here, and Avoid Chinese Censorship

Get your hands on it today and start enjoying your Internet at full (as it’s meant to) by avoiding the Internet Censorship in China. You might find it interested to know, there are more Internet users in China than anywhere else in the world. This is something truly worth mentioning. However, at the same time there are more censorship issues in China than anywhere else worldwide.

As you can see, it is really frustrating to live in a country with so many people and so much progress when it comes to technology and modernity and not be able to enjoy full freedom in the use of the web. Apart from the locals though, the same restrictions are imposed to tourists who visit China and to expatriates who have relocated to China for business or studies as well. Among the numerous limitations concerning websites we can find Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google.

Such use is imperative for many people and therefore there has been huge attention drawn to any potential solutions against such restrictions, although there have been many websites created so as to substitute them from the Chinese government (for instance, Baidu instead of Google as a search engine).

The main purpose of censorship in China is in fact the need to prevent western influences to the local culture and way of life. Even though this makes sense, it cannot be held as a sole cause since the freedom of expression and the choice that each one must make without any prohibition indicate otherwise. In your effort to overcome such restrictions and get to enjoy great Internet without any rules applied, we can suggest the use of a VPN provider. As you will get to see though, it is quite difficult to identify the best VPN.

How to Choose Your Best VPN

Choosing the best and most reliable China VPN is not such an easy task to handle. The government is really strict when it comes to such limitations and thus the police get to control people on a daily basis.

Protocols using PPTP and L2TP are blocked in China, so there is no actual use for getting a VPN provider that is only limited to using such protocols. On the other hand, OpenVPN and SSTP can do the trick and offer you the chance to connect to the web without any problem.

What’s the Ideal VPN for China, in Short

So, among the plethora of VPN providers that are available for subscription, downloading and installation you need to be diligent and narrow down your options according to your demands. We can suggest that you go with ExpressVPN (review ExpressVPN), because it is really reliable and consistent while it can offer you the chance to connect via SSTP and OpenVPN protocols.

Being the long standing industry leader, HideMyAss could be the very best to pick but there is likelihood that its website is temporarily blocked (as it has happened again with other reliable and well-established VPN providers in China), so for now you can’t connect with HideMyAss VPN From China and ExpressVPN is good to go with – it’s second best in the industry BTW.

ExpressVPN can also be taken as Tudou or Youku VPN (without any second thought) to bypass block and watch dramas online on Youku and Tudou outside of China, if you’re a fan in love with these two awesome Chinese online entertainment portals but living in another corner of the world rather than China.

China VPN: Benefits of making use of a VPN while being somewhere in China, in short

After having succeeded in subscribing to the best VPN for China, you can connect to the Internet through a US based server that is able to provide you with unlimited access to all websites, regardless of your actual location. Apart from Facebook and Google, you can now enjoy Netflix and Hulu among many other websites. So finally, climb over the Great Firewall and do not let censorship get in your way. Have fun!