Need of iPad 3 VPN – Best VPN for iPad 3


iPad3 VPN Need of iPad 3 VPN   Best VPN for iPad 3

Coming hot on the heels of the iPad 2, the iPad3 has seen good sales over the past few months. The device is perfectly suited for access to the internet when on the move. The screen is larger than that of a smart phone, allowing you to get more done than you would with your smart phone when on the go.

The only major challenge that users of the iPad 3 are facing is privacy issues when online. Just like many other devices with WiFi internet capability, the iPad 3 user is vulnerable to cyber crime unless they find a way to stay safe. The best way for an iPad 3 user to stay safe online is via a Virtual Private Network, VPN. In this article, we will look at what option is the best VPN for iPad 3 users.

Getting to know VPN specially for iPad 3

As we stated earlier, the biggest security threat to an online iPad 3 user is the WiFi connection that the device uses to connect to the internet. The device is highly exposed to hackers who target WiFi connected devices since WiFi is simply radio waves and theses can easily be captured with a simple receiver.

What iPad 3 VPN will do is allow you to connect to the VPN servers before connecting to the internet. This means that all information to and from your iPad 3 to the internet will have to go through a VPN server. VPN servers are highly secured and heavily encrypted so that hackers cannot break into them. The information to and from the server is also encrypted so that it cannot the broken too.

With an appropriate VPN connection, your iPad 3 will become a fort of security and privacy even when you use public WiFi.

Selecting the Best VPN for iPad 3

We have established that the best way to stay protected is via iPad 3 VPN. But not all VPN providers have the capability to protect the iPad 3. This is mostly due to the fact that most VPN provider do not have appropriate software developed for the iPad 3 VPN service.

When our internet security experts got together and reviewed the top VPN providers in the world-hey, that is all we do at AllOfVPN – they came to a conclusion that the best VPN for iPad 3 is Europe based HideMyAss VPN. The company servers worldwide meaning that you can choose to be virtually anywhere you want when online.

HideMyAss VPN is the ideal VPN particularly for iPad 3 because it has developed VPN software specifically for the iPad 3. This software is FREE for subscribers and in addition very easy to install. The subscription fee is also very small, at the time when this article is being written, the fee ranges from $5 to $12 depending on the package you opt for. We recommend that you get an annual HideMyAss Pro iPad 3 VPN subscription as it will cost you less than $6 per month and keep you safe all year long.

Now, if you can afford an iPad 3, surely you can afford to protect what you do with it. Stay safe by getting the best iPad 3 VPN from a top provider.