You Can Beat the NSA – There is Still Some Hope Left!


In the face of the shocking NSA internet surveillance program, fear has spread over the internet over the state of online privacy and security. Now, we don’t pretend that you can escape the NSA if the zero down on you. An institution teeming with brilliant computer scientists, some of who are responsible for building large portions of the internet, and an almost unlimited budget is hard to hide from, if they want to fund you.

But if you are not on the NSA’s radar then you are safe, relatively though. See, while the NSA can crack encryption, it takes time to do that. That means that if you have some sort of encryption, the NSA will have to take some time to crack that. Now, assuming that you are not on their radar, having some sort of encryption will enable you maintain a degree of privacy. Note that Edward Snowden himself revealed that strong crypt systems can deter NSA peeping.

The other way to stay away from the NSA and guard your online privacy is to use encryption from well funded developers. There are some good keys out there that have been developed by private companies in the internet security space. Some of these companies include VPN providers.

Today, some of the best VPN providers have formidable teams of developers working to ensure that their encryption is top notch. The only trouble you might experience here is finding a good VPN provider. But that is why we are here.

Optimum VPN for You

After reviewing tens of VPN service suppliers, we can safely state that we have a good idea regarding who the real and the pretenders in the VPN field are. One of the best we have come across is HMA (HideMyAss) Pro from the UK. There are other reputable providers in this space, and they feature on our top VPN providers page.

Again, if the NSA trains their sights on you, it is unlikely that you will hide. But if you have a tool like VPN, you can stay relatively off the radar.