BBC Server Hacked on Christmas Day – Attempt to Sell Access to Unique Content


Christmas spirit has been proven ineffective towards calming the mind of this ambitious hacker who accessed a BBC server and tried to sell such access to other hackers online. On Christmas day, a security breach has occurred and the hacker managed to get in and control a BBC server. He did not rest there and later on entered forums, making an attempt to sell what he has got his hands on. Such practice is quite common among cyber-crooks and therefore it is not certain whether or not he has succeeded in selling what he has been offering.

BBC security team does not want to comment on the incident, but reassures everybody that the server is no longer under any hostile control. This is relieving, without a doubt! However, there is still uncertainty as to the extent of the interception of information on behalf of the hacker. In specific, the Russian hacker offered access to the ftp server and this is widely used for the transmission and management of large files online. In his effort to lure buyers among his fellow hackers, he indicated content that he could not have got if he did not have access to full control of the server though and this is alarming news.

The security breach has been first identified by Hold Security LLC, which is based in Milwaukee. They saw the hacker online under the names “HASH” and “Rev0lver” during his selling efforts in the respective forums. It is disturbing to find out that a sole person has hacked BBC, Britain’s public broadcasting channel and there has been no trace that concludes as to the extensiveness of the damage and compromising effects. Especially for the people who pay for the national broadcaster in Britain, this is terrible.

When you get such security breaches in BBC with so many people monitoring its security and checking up on everything, it makes you wonder how vulnerable individuals are when surfing the web against hacking attacks and other threats. The best solution towards shielding your online presence is through the use of VPN, which is able to keep you untraceable with full data encryption. So, there is really no point in thinking it over!