Barclays Bank in Northern Ireland Had Its Customer Data Compromised – Huge Interest Drawn on Such Info


It is truly frustrating to be caught in the middle when a giant such as Barclays Bank in Northern Ireland announces that its customers’ data may be at stake. If you cannot trust such a substantial name in the financial world, where can you rely on? In the end of the day, it is not the name that attracts the potential fraudsters, but the info that is included in bank accounts and investment firms. Internal affairs have been tending to shed light on this compromise, but it is yet unclear how the data has been mined from the infrastructure of the bank.

Sad but true, there are many professionals out there who would be willing to pay large sums of money for grabbing hold of such information related to the bank accounts of well respected citizens with the aim of luring them to invest properly. Equally sad but true, the penetrations to the system are not limited to just the well established firms, but have been spreading towards a much larger amount of enterprises, varying in size and reputation. This is why the Government of Ireland has decided to reinforce the online security of SMEs (standing for small and medium enterprises) with the offer of up to £5,000 for such investment.

With the efforts being targeted towards enhancing Ireland’s market and with the fear of worse things to come, empowering one’s online security is a great bet to win. The future is near for us to see, so as to evaluate such efforts and make sure that we know all the details of such compromise!