AzireVPN Review – Stepping Up To The Competition


logotype AzireVPN Review   Stepping Up To The Competition

The land that brought us world-class quality cheeses, chocolates and watches now brings a new player in the market— the VPN market, that is.

AzireVPN is a VPN service provider based in Sweden. Though it is still a fledgling VPN provider, it already shows promise as a steady contender in the industry. Proving that it can compete with other companies in such a growing industry like VPN is hard, with all of the players showing off various added features and LOADS of good service options to choose from. Venturing in this kind of endeavor is one thing that’s not so tricky, but lasting in this business is another, which can be tough for many.

So what this VPN provider can offer us?

The Product

AzireVPN is a friendly-user service provider that is very easy to install and run. It is compatible with devices such as Mac (Apple), Windows (Microsoft), and operating systems for mobile devices like Android (Google) and iOS (Apple). Aside from that, AzireVPN supports PPTP (Android and iOS) and OpenVPN (Windows 7 and XP, Mac) protocols.

AzireVPN also boasts fast and unlimited online connection. With this VPN service provider, you can surf the net without logs and enjoy unlimited bandwidth connection — not bad for a newbie.

When it comes to customer support, AzireVPN guarantees a reliable service that can help you with problems that you might encounter, once you start using this product.

Subscribing to AzireVPN

One of the things that you might also find very appealing with AzireVPN, is the subscription plans it offers. You can choose from three different options: a one-month package plan worth €5; a three-month package plan worth €13; and a twelve-month plan worth €45. As far as the payment methods are concerned; you’ve three options to choose from including Paypal, Credit Cards and Bitcoins. Apart from this, AzireVPN also offers a 24-hour free trial to ensure the consumers with nothing but safety and security when it comes to online surfing.

AzireVPN Review: The Verdict

To conclude this AzireVPN review, we can say that AzireVPN has a bright future ahead of it in this business. But still, whether this product can indeed keep up with the big-time players of the VPN industry such as HideMyAss, isn’t certain yet. But we’re pretty sure that soon enough, this product might also become a formidable force of the VPN market.

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