Australia’s New Cyber Draft to Secure Privacy


As we know that whole world has turned into a global village since the introduction of internet publicly. With the help of cyber waves, the mutual coordination has become prompt and easier than ever. Privacy have had been the major requirement for any sort of relations but especially in transportation of data via internet means. Cybercrimes like hacking, internet-theft, stealing of personal data and financial frauds have raised the demand of ensured privacy in cyber market.

Cyber-Bandits have steadily emasculated the right of privacy reserved for the users. Australian Government have noticed such universal obstacles and introduced advanced acts related to privacy disputes. The modified laws will be the most important revisions in privacy bill since 1984 when privacy draft was originated. The validity of altered law will embark in end of first quarter of 2014.

Amendments in parent law

  • These amended acts are actionable against any data stocking intelligence units, folks and trades. The main objective to impose the reformed bylaws is just to secure cyber fellows from internet forgery.
  • The whole procedure related to data collection will be explained thoroughly to the users.
  • The legal position for data collection will be briefed by the collecting authorities.
  • The penalties which a user may face on non-cooperative attitude with the agencies will be described by the collecting groups.
  • No data can be assembled furtively by websites during surfing.
  • The users may be informed about data assortment later or earlier the statistics has been gathered.

The final provision is slightly confusing because a user can do nothing when statistics have been congregated by the officialdom without prior intimation.

Data protection beyond Australian borders

  • The law will ensure the discretion of Australian residents even across the borders and the same rules will be implemented.
  • Preservation of user’s confidentiality will be assured.
    This denotes the strong privacy policies of Australian Government which will make global community to follow the inducted law.
  • Responsibilities of IC (Information Commissioner)

    • The authorities and the commands assigned to the IC (Information Commissioner) have been lofted very much to charge high degree penalties on law violating corporations and cyber houses although the budget specified for this purpose is restricted.

    PIR (Personal Information Records)

    • All the data accumulating companies and offices are bound to present the stored details in front of the cyber consumers within a month if requested by the users otherwise legal proceedings may be practiced against the enterprises. The houses like Google and Facebook are also in the convoy.

    Outcomes of revised laws

    • The basic motive behind the initiative is to make the concerning bodies more careful and accountable about the information collection methods instead of humiliating the associated organizations.
    • The advertising and marketing leaders will have to review their rules and regulations due to enormous fines and verdicts in case of violating the modified acts.
    • On other hand edited draft will favor and protect the common cyber operator.

    Overall corporations and companies will be highly affected by these altered laws.