Attempts to Make Encryption Vulnerable Most Likely to Go On


NSA has been exposed for its surveillance tactics more than a few times in the recent past and Edward Snowden is the person to thank for that. However, such tactics and habits do not die that easily, as it turns out. On the contrary, as Der Spiegel has published some days ago, NSA’s respected group of TAO (standing for Tailored Access Operations) have penetrated sensitive data and have gained access to unauthorized content in European networks of telecommunication. Such data has been under encryption and this rings a bell for those who tend to take it a bit further.

There are mixed signals when it comes to the approval or renouncement of such actions taken by the NSA on behalf of the US Government. Of course, the main concern of the Government should be the protection of the American people.

However, this does not seem to be identical with the permission to run projects against thorough and reliable encryption and this is what NSA has been repeatedly accused of. With the proper encryption, it makes sense that surveillance by NSA would become much harder to accomplish. Still, encryption is a must have and should in no way be jeopardized so as to enable advantages taken by knowing things that one should not have access to.

Anne Neuberger is one of those responsible for NSA and the relationships with the technological industry and so her attitude towards some recent claims has been more than suspicious. As it has been brought to light, NIST (which is no other than National Institute of Standards and Technology) has got encryption products with severe vulnerabilities from NSA and such products have been then released on the market abroad in more than 160 countries. She neither confirmed the news nor denied any participation. This adds to the even more recent claim that NSA has paid a lot of money to RSA, in order to include vulnerability in encryption.

With all that in mind and with more alarming news still to come forward, VPN makes it to the top as our main means of protection against those who wish to spy on us for their own reasons. We can never get too much protection and therefore we are recommended to subscribe to a reliable VPN provider, in order not to lose our sleep.