AT&T improves VPN Experience by Getting Salesforce


AT&T is providing its VPN customers a further improvement, saying that you have added more salesforce to their network by empowered cloud ecosystem. Present consumers will be in a position to utilize its VPN (Virtual Private Network) to connect with salesforce through any area on their internal network by making use of its NetBond modern technologies.

“The additional selection is that how customers attached to salesforce is activity altering for enterprise clients who have needed outstanding working and reliable access to industry-leading cloud services,” said Andy Geisse, CEO, AT&T Business Solutions, in a release. “This is an important addition to our growing AT&T NetBond ecosystem and will further accelerate enterprise cloud adoption.”

As you already know salesforce has become a main method for several organizations so AT&T’s take action for adding it to their ecosystem, that can give a higher relationship with VPN consumers, which are looking for quick and safe entree. AT&T said, it presumes such abilities being available to consume after the six months of 2014. One of the advantages of this technology is that can easily perform with a currently AT&T VPN by APIs to generate what it states is an automatic experience for consumers. They don’t need to buy further tools or applications.

Cloud has been a main operator for AT&T equally on the user side as well as a method to boost its core IT procedures. In 2013, Telco stated that, it put almost 20% of its inner applications hooked on the cloud. More than 3 to 5 years, it’ll be a totally cloud-based company.