AT&T Privacy and New Policies Regarding Data


ATT Privacy AT&T Privacy and New Policies Regarding Data

It seems that AT&T has been changing its privacy settings towards its customers, so that it can distribute the data already captured in order to gain profit. At the same time, it has taken pride in being a pioneer against piracy due to its innovative patent of identifying the copyright of the content shared among internet users and therefore minimizing the risk of illegal downloading and violating the copyright of each source of information.

As for the reactions emerging after such actions on behalf of AT&T, it makes total sense that most customers express their frustration as to the future moves of a fully controllable system of files and data sharing in general. There seems to be an ongoing request for the leading companies of the world, including Google and Facebook as well, to share the data that they have gathered in order to make some gain out of the process.

Even though there is a cloth used so as to improve the security and act against any potential scams and hackers threatening to invade the privacy and gain access to unauthorized content, we cannot overlook to point out that the whole concept of gaining more access to our personal information is really stressful and intimidating by nature.

VPN Acting as a Shield

As you can imagine, getting to use a VPN provider such as HideMyAss can successfully prevent AT&T and other similar initiatives from gaining access to what you do not want to share with others. You simply subscribe to the VPN provider and you connect through the use of a server in whichever country you prefer.

You can choose to connect to a server that guarantees that you enjoy the content of specific websites, such as Netflix or Hulu, NBC or CBS. Your navigation is also encrypted, which means that while you enjoy utter freedom, nobody is able to deprive you of that.