APT 12 Group of Hackers Return with Updated Armoury


APT 12 has been a group of hackers supposedly linked to the Liberation Army for Chinese People. They have made an impression since they have hacked the New York Times and some other well established websites over the past few months.

After playing low for a while and adjusting their weapons and equipment to the latest trends and the cutting edge of technology, now they are back on the spotlight with some more powerful tools to use. Now people working for Apt 12 have made some great changes that have been responsible for the shield that has been created against their methods.

They use much more enhanced commands and safety protocols in order to be able and deal with the malware and prevent their spotting on behalf of detection and anti-spying tools.

With these updated versions having to do with the main weapons for penetrating the systems of websites and innovative techniques having put into effect newer editions in Backdoor.APT.Aumlib and Backdoor.APT.lxeshe there is great concern for even further problems over time.

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What’s the Secured VPN Against Online Threats?

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