Apple Now Reveals Some of the User Information it Gave Up to the NSA


In a move aimed at assuring users of its transparency, Apple has published a statement of what they released to the government over the years which the NSA has been asking for data from internet and telecom companies under the Patriot Act. See, Apple was on of the companies which took stick from many activists after the Snowden leaks. But Apple has always been somewhat different. They have a degree of trustworthiness which will be further boosted by this reveal.

In the statement, it is clear that the government went well beyond the shores of the US in its cause to defend national security. The government asked for data from 31 countries. And that includes some of the most trusted and friendly nations the US deals with. It’s not in doubt that these countries will be disappointed-even angry-that the US went round their governments and obtained information on their citizens. Add that to the fact that had there not been a leak, these countries would probably never know that their citizens were being spied on.

But that’s not even the biggest issue. In some of these requests, Apple was asked to retrieve stored emails and photos for the government. This means that for some Apple users, the government not only read through their emails but also snooped through their photos. If that is not an appalling violation of privacy then we honestly don’t know what it is.

See, while Apple is trying to tell as much as it can, it is still aged from providing a clear statement on exact requests from the NSA (National Security Agency). And this does not affect Apple only. Any tech company in the US is required to fully comply why requests for user data or risk prosecution for employees involved with the data being requested.

This means that while there are companies like Apple who will try and stay transparent, they are legally mandated to keep these requests from the government away from us. That is why you and I have to take matters into our own hands and make it hard for the government and other snooping eyes to gather our information. An effective way to do this is to use a VPN service. With VPN, we can have some degree of privacy and anonymity.