Apple Security is at Risk Again!


Apple Security Apple Security is at Risk Again!

Apple is probably very satisfied after their release of an improved security system. The said Apple security improvement is designed to protect Apple users’ iCloud and Apple ID accounts. The new and improved Apple security system has built a double – layered verification process.

The process was created to boost the security after Apple experienced a massive-scaled hacking. Nevertheless, the success of this new Apple security has only lasted for a short time because a major defect was identified in the system when it comes to resetting passwords. The said security breach was discovered 24 hours after the release of the updated Apple security.

Apple admitted that their new security system would allow hackers easily reset any Apple user’s password by just simply obtaining their email address and date of birth. Because of this, there is a large chance that a hacker is able to have a complete access to an Apple users’ iTunes account, iCloud email and other vital data that they have in their Apple accounts.

Knowing that the Apple security is somehow still at risk, it is very unsettling to think that your Apple account can be hacked into any time. Luckily, there is an application that can assist us in securing our Apple accounts despite the security breaches in Apple security. This is through the utilization of a VPN connection. By using a VPN connection, you can attain a private and secure internet environment. VPN is also designed to encrypt all the data you possess and use online (e.g. username, password, online banking account, credit card information etc.) so it is out of any hacker’s reach.

With VPN, you can also stay anonymous while surfing the internet for VPN temporarily changes you IP address keeping your true IP address hidden. This will keep you away from being monitored by other parties. And what’s even greater with VPN is that it is compatible with any Apple device. If you are already planning to have a VPN connection, we strongly suggest you choose a VPN from the table given below:

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