Apple Announces Release Date for the iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina; How Do they Stack Up Security Wise?


The iPad has come under competition from Android tablets over the past few months with the Samsung Galaxy tab doing especially well in markets all over the world and it was only a matter of time before Apple moved to reassure its faithful that the company is still committed to bringing that characteristic Apple edge to the tablets market.

The iPad Air will run on IOS 7 and have an A 7 processor. Now, if you are acquainted with Apple hardware you will note that the A 7 processor is already out with the iPhone 5s. In a bold move to improve on its already impressive graphics, Apple has fitted the new iPad with an M7 motion processor. The M7 will double the graphics capabilities of the iPad in comparison to the previous version. This means that games will play better and the display will be much sharper.

We all know that you do not buy an iPad for offline use. For any iPad user, internet speeds are very important. In the new iPad, Apple brings in what they are calling MIMO technology. MIMO stands for multiple in, multiple out. The technology will allow unprecedented internet connectivity speeds. There is talk that under proper conditions, the iPad will hit 300 MBPS. This means that users will be able to seamlessly stream, upload and download data.

The biggest concern for us is, how safe is the new iPad? According to security experts, the new iPad is a fortress. It will be able to repel some of the most sophisticated hacks that are there today. Users will however note that there is an alleged security leak with the iCloud. Consequently, it is advisable that users get a VPN connection form a company that has VPN for Apple products like HideMyAss VPN (HMA VPN review). Other than that, the new iPad is pretty solid.

The iPad Air will retail for $649. It is expected that there will be a heavy consumer intake of this new product.