News RoundUp – Remarkable Step Taken by Apple in Business with iOS 7


After a long wait, Apple has finally got into the field of enterprise and has announced significant changes towards a much friendlier iOS 7 in the market of business. Let us have a closer look at some of the most wonderful alterations that apply to iOS 7 in the direction of becoming more compatible with each company’s MDM strategies (with MDM standing for Mobile Device Management).

First of all, with Open In Management iOS 7 can take pride in eliminating the breaches regarding data leakage. IT departments are able to determine which programs will be used in order for a user to open files and share something. So, there is no problem occurring throughout file sharing when it comes to companies. Apart from that, there is the addition of Single Sign On.

This means that access to the corporate network will only be asked once from the user and networks will only be accepted when they include Kerberos Domain Controller. This increases security a great deal.

Per Apple VPN is another addition of iOS 7 that helps users to distinguish business from pleasure and personal use for every single user. When the user connects to the VPN and makes use of the corporate network, then this is limited during the time that work is done.

Similarly, if the user connects to social media then there is no security risk applied. Third-Party App Data Protection is another addition that helps iOS 7 become even more accessible and friendlier to use with the respective encryption by default.

Of course, these are just some fine examples of the new additions and improvements evident in iOS 7. Overall, such a model is far easier to use in the field of enterprise and therefore has been embraced by the public. Similar attempts have been launched by VMware and Cortado, as well as Citrix XenServer, so as to be able and live up to the challenge of iOS 7. At the same time, competitors like Windows are starting to feel the warmth breath of Apple.

The Verdict

Although Apple has not managed to prevail when it comes to overall security matters compared to Windows, it has certainly managed to make a difference and get really close. Windows 8 has just announced its FIPS compliance and this is truly remarkable to begin with. These two companies seem to be having quite a struggle on the market and we should never neglect Android.

Competition is truly spectacular and fruitful towards providing us with great models, such as iOS 7. Let us enjoy the models to come and their unique features!