Apple Admitting Yet Another Flaw in Its Software


Apple Admitting Yet Another Flaw in Its Software, Leaving Users Subject to Data Interception by Hackers

Apple Inc has a lot to be held accountable for, if we add the recent flaw that exposes the software used by all mobile phones and particularly Mac users. Through the flawed software, attackers can now access sensitive data from mobile devices and get their hands on emails and financial transactions, among many other details that can cause discomfort to the users who are left hanging in a thread.

With a laconic announcement, the tech support of Apple Inc just stated the obvious, which is the fact that the software “failed to validate the authenticity of the connection”. This leaves a lot to speculation though and all people who use Apple devices and update the software regularly need to know how much trouble they put themselves into.

Especially in cases when there is free access to a publicly shared network, the hacker who wishes to attack Apple devices can easily do so and pretend that he does nothing wrong. Just imagine that you want to exchange emails through Gmail or update your status on Facebook. There is high likelihood you are going to get in the middle and send over such information (which may as well be private and even hold crucial data of great importance) towards the attacker.

Of course, there is always the chance of Governments to act just like hackers and intercept equally important information of yours. There is a security breach that needs to be fixed, as you can easily comprehend. Under such circumstances, we can only rely on extra layers of security and particularly on the use of VPN. Full data encryption seems like an oasis of hope in such frustrating news that keeps getting published.