The Power Of Anonymous Email!


Untitled 1 copy4 The Power Of Anonymous Email!

A lot of people today are pretty much interested in the idea of sending or forwarding anonymous emails. Creating a certain hoax to be able to send emails is very, very easy. A lot of people also think that sending anonymous email would be kind of fun and amusing because they can be able to trick many people and send false information. If you’ll look at it, this a great gift of technology to different pranksters out there.

It really sounds great to be able to send anonymous email from different parts of the world. And what’s even greater is that there is a new technological advancement that will help us and assure that we will be able to send emails anonymously. The Virtual Private Network or VPN offers us a secure internet browsing service that help us to be safe when sending emails and protects our identity by keeping us anonymous. Great, isn’t it?

VPN assure you that there will be no other entities or parties like ISP or “Internet Service Providers” and even government officials, spyware and even cyber criminals would be able to track you and monitor your internet activities. This is made possible because VPN utilizes various types of security protocols like PPTP or the “Point to Point Protocol”, L2TP or “Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol”, SSH or “Secure Shell”, SSL or “Security Socket Layer”, and the IPsec or the “Internet Protocol Security”.

The task of these protocols is to encrypt emails that will help you to send anonymous email. However, although all of them are security protocols and technically have the same nature, they still offer various levels of encryption. This means that they also offer a various levels of email privacy. And take note that the higher encryption a security protocol does, the more secure it is.

Sending anonymous email is now just within our reach because of VPN. But of course, to be able for us to send anonymous emails, we should also be able to create an anonymous email account. And with the use of VPN, this too can be made possible. VPN lets you create a totally anonymous email account by changing the IP address that you are using. And this can be done so easily through the use of VPN, since our IP addresses contain important information to trace your location, VPN, allows to change your IP address so authorities and other people would not be able to trace where the, which you have sent, came from. The result of this action is that you will be considered as anonymous.

With the use also of Re – mailers, emails can still be send anonymously. Re – mailers lets you send your email to various locations without revealing your IP address to the final recipient. Some well known re – mailers are Nym servers, Mixmasters anonymous remailers and Cypherpunk anonymous remailer. And through the use of VPN, your re – mailer would have extra protection because VPN servers will give you the power to hide or change your IP addresses, thus making your email activities anonymous.

VPNs are really huge help for us computers to send anonymous emails. And if you to know more about our VPN, read about our latest VPN comparisons.