Anonymizer VPN Review – A Pioneer in Online Security


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The Anonymizer is considered as one of the first VPN service providers in the world. For 17 years, they have protected the identities and privacy of clients worldwide as they perform different activities on the internet. It has been able to adapt to the changes brought about by technology for many years. Even when the VPN industry was unfamiliar to many, Anonymizer VPN was already providing online security to Internet users and organizations every day.

More Than A VPN Service Provider

Unlike other VPN service providers, the Anonymizer is more of an internet security company than a VPN service company. But what’s the difference between the Anonymizer and other VPN service providers?

The answer lies with the origin of the name — Anonymous VPN. The Anonymizer hides your IP address by generating an untraceable one each day for guaranteed continuous anonymity.

Product Details and Specification

Anonymizer VPN Review proven that, it provide fast service connection. However, due to the encryption process, you may experience some connection logs along the way.

When it comes to VPN protocols, the Anonymizer supports the L2TP/IPSec type. It can provide a 256-bit encryption which should be enough as it offers a two-way security —protection against tampering and against monitoring/tracking — covering both authenticity and privacy at the same time. This type of security protocol is undoubtedly more secure than SSL, especially for VPN service providers.

The Anonymizer VPN is also very easy to use. After downloading the installer from their website, you can run it right away. It is also a multi-platform secure VPN software that supports Windows, Mac, and iOS for iPhones. Its customer support has proven to be fast and reliable so you can be sure that they respond to their clients’ needs with the utmost care possible.

Apart from the reliable service, the Anonymizer also gives its clients decent pricing plans. It offers two options — the Standard VPN service and the anonymous email service. The former, also known as the Universal Internet Privacy Service, offers security for $80 per year, while the latter goes for $20 a year. There is also a 14-day free trial for those looking to check it out first.

A Master of One

One might say that the Anonymizer’s features are quite limited, as it only offers one VPN protocol and its servers are located only in the US. Although that may be the case, the Anonymizer VPN Review shows that, Anonymizer VPN focuses on improving the features that it has — a master of one, if you will.

If you want a VPN service provider with a variety of remarkably added features and packages, you may choose the industry leader HideMyAss, as at the end of the day HideMyAss is the king of market for some strong reasons and Anonymizer needs to do a lot of work further to stand tall with it.

Anonymizer VPN Review – Verdict

Yet, there is a good reason why Anonymizer has lasted long in the market. With its relatively fast service and reliable product offers, you can be assured that your identity online is safe and protected. Now that’s quality for you!

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