Learn How to Watch Animal Planet Outside US


Animal Planet Outside US Learn How to Watch Animal Planet Outside US

Welcome, here’s an easy guide on how to watch Animal Planet outside US – actually anywhere worldwide!

Well, if you love to watch animals then Animal Planet is the website for you. Sadly, streaming of the complete episodes is only accessible from inside the US. For this reason you have to use the following technique if you need to unblock and watch Animal Planet outside US. Legally, the issue is that Animal Planet has only paid for the rights for internet streaming to the American viewers only. For this reason if you attempt to watch their complete episodes from outside of the US you’d encounter with the note (or a similar one): “We are sorry, but this video is unavailable in your location”.

Folks at Animal Planet can trace your location through your computer’s IP address that you get that from your Internet Service Provider. This specific number will expose in which country you’re based, and therefore, it is quite simple for Animal Planet to block access.

Mask Your Location and Watch Animal Planet from Anyplace in the World

The journey of getting access to the Animal Planet from anywhere starts with changing your IP address. By changing your existing non-US IP with an US-based IP address, you’ll be able to gain access to all of the American content you desire.

To be able to achieve this you have to connect to a VPN. This will enable your computer to get an US IP address from a Virtual Private Network server-based in the United States. This may seem to be a bit complex, but in fact this is quite simple to set up.

First you require to have an account with a Virtual Private Network provider. We recommend to use HideMyAss Pro as the cost and ease of setup is very good. After signing up, just install their app that you will receive on Linux, Mac, and PC and then pick a server from the list and click on connect. From that moment on, you’ll have an US IP address and now you can load the Animal Planet website and view any video you desire regardless of where in the world you’re located.

If you live outside the US or are on vacation, this is an excellent method to gain access to US only content. Moreover, your data connection becomes protected when you’re connected to a relaible VPN service provider. That makes it impossible for cyber criminals to attack you when browsing on public Wi-Fi and the likes.

Anyway, go and apply this simple technique – it will certainly work with any American only website out there (actually of the geo-blocked websites on Internet). All in all, this method of unblocking content is however not limited to access the Animal Planet outside only – hope it makes complete sense and it works icon smile Learn How to Watch Animal Planet Outside US