German Chancellor Angela Merkel Demands for Answers on US Surveillance


The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called Washington to demand for answers regarding the NSA’s surveillance of German people. The call was made as a follow up to a request that Germany made about two months ago asking the US government to clarify the extent to which the surveillance, revealed by one Edward Snowden, had involved Germans.

Now, after the Chancellor made that call, German authorities revealed that the NSA had tried to eavesdrop. Yes, the NSA allegedly tried to listen in on what Angela Merkel and President Obama were saying. The revelation caused a huge uproar and we are likely to see a lot of back lash in the coming days. AllOfVPN will definitely keep you in the know as the story develops.

In the past people who talked of the need to increase privacy while online were scoffed at and labeled paranoid but clearly they knew something that the rest of us did not. Now, if the NSA has the reach to listen in on presidential calls, what then can it possibly do with civilian privacy?

But it’s not the NSA that we should be very worried about; there are many cyber criminals lurking in dark alleys of the internet waiting to pounce on unsuspecting users. These criminals will try to track you from your internet footsteps and cause you harm. This can be anything form spamming your email to actual physical robbery. There have been unfortunate cases of people being tracked to their homes and kidnapped.

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