Android Security Risks


Security Risks for Android Android Security Risks

It is true to say that we are currently living in the era of unprecedented technological advancement. A lot of people today are pretty much dependent on their phones, computers and other gadget to go through with their everyday lives and to do their tasks. And now that, Android and Smart phones are widely popular, our access to larger communities in cyberspace became more portable and pocket kept.

In the current age, huge forms of data are sent from smart phones. These data even include the most important and vital information that you have. But in spite of all these advancements and innovations, the question still remains, Are the information and important data you send through your phone secure at all times? And is our android security enough?

More than half (75%) of all the Smart phones in the market carry the Android Operating System and almost five-hundred million smart phones have been sold as millions and millions of smart phones are being sold every day.

Unlike other operating systems like Apple (iPhone, iPad, Mac) iOS that provide an update every time another party like computers connects or interacts with the Apple device, the Android OS depends on the authorization of their telecom provider and the manufacturer of their phones. The process in Android phones also different because it is not as instant as the iOS process, in; it takes almost a year to complete the process. Because of this, threat to your security becomes a real probability.

Android – operated smart phones have been a great help to a lot of people in going on with their internet activities like online shopping, emailing, exchanging various media online and do online banking.

Considering that Android phones rarely receive updates, cyber criminals are easily able to carry on with their hacking activities like stealing your personal information, online banking account data and other stuff that may be used against you. What’s even worse is that they may steal your IP address and spy and monitor your every activity using your phone. You Android security is at great risk.

All of these threats are serious issues regarding your security. For this, you need to take serious actions in protecting your online activities and important information.

If your security online is at risk, it is time for you to get a Virtual Private Network. VPN helps become undetectable by hackers and other cyber criminals that may pose a threat to your security. With a VPN, other users would not be able to trace you and the activities you do online.

A great thing about VPN is that it keeps you anonymous. This is made possible because VPN assigns a different IP address in different countries from multiple numbers of servers.

Online security is a necessary for all of us, and it is such a relief that VPN is there to help us maintain our online security. If you are looking for the best VPN , we suggest you try HideMyAss for good results.