Keeping you informed – Android Phones Targeted by Malware


Android phones targeted by malware at 79%, Americans willingly open suspect emails according to new study and the Syrian Electronic Army hits Twitter and The New York Times.

Android Mobiles Account for the Largest Share of Malware at 79%

US Department of Homeland Security has released a report on phone security showing that phones running Google’s Android system are the most targeted. 79% of all documented cases of mobile phone hacks were directed at Android phones, followed by Nokia phones on Symbian and finally iPhones at just 0.7%.

The report attributes the huge number of attacks leveled at Android phones on the number of phones using the system, in addition to the open source nature of Android. This report come shot on the heels of a revelation by Symantec that a master key bug for Android has been created, and the Chinese are furiously using it.

Americans Willingly open Suspect Emails

In a report that is bound to shock many, TNS Global has in a recent study discovered that 30% of US citizens are likely to open an email or email attachment even if they suspected that it contains a virus. Corporations are shocked by this report, considering that these people are willingly opening these emails while at home and at work, putting the company network at risk.

Twitter and The New York Times Attacked by the SEA

The Syrian Electronic Army is no stranger to hacking incidences. Eh group is notorious for its attacks against western nation establishments. Twitter and The New York Times are the latest victims of this group. Security experts say that the hack resulted in alteration of the Domain Name System Information causing visitors to Twitter and the New York Times sites to be redirected to the SEA site.

If you can follow the trends, it is obvious that hackers are getting bold. They are becoming more daring at a formidable frequency. Internet security is something that we previously ignored as users but the reality of today’s online risks has necessitated that we find solutions, and none is better than getting a VPN connection.

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