VPN Effectiveness Jeopardized Due to Android Flaw


If you have been sleeping tight due to the reassurance that VPN has brought into your life and you love your Android, then this is the time for you to start worrying. News has come from Israel, where research has identified that Android 4.3 operating system is vulnerable to the compromising of sensitive information. KitKat (or else 4.4 Android) is being checked as we speak for the same vulnerability.

This alarming news has come as a shock to VPN users. It seems that encryption is ceased from the moment when such a flaw is determined and hackers can access personal information without the consent or even the knowledge of the Android holders. In fact, since VPN aims at the thorough online protection through data encryption, there is the false certainty of being bullet proof and thus without anything to worry about.

The malicious applications that have been accessing the Android can pass through the encryption layering and not care about the VPN having been put into effect. If you want some living proof of such an accomplishment, you can turn to this YouTube video with the necessary details at your disposal.

Of course, nobody should ignore such a disturbing vulnerability. VPN has been the best way for people to protect their privacy and therefore extra attention should be drawn to this effort of overcoming the shield of VPN, even if the breach has only been made visible on Android running a specific OS. Being optimistic by nature, we can only hope that VPN fights back with the improvement of its overall protection once more.